1. After their "Rocks and Minerals" section, I had the pleasure of chatting with Nashville Metro Public School second grade students! They had some great questions, and were really excited to learn more. Maybe there's a future geoscientist in the class!
  2. Band gap closure of Cesium Iodide in a diamond anvil cell at around 42 GPa.

    These are real color images. Just look at that beautiful sunset of color!

  3. I have a variety of interests both inside and outside of science.

    I volunteer to help the comminity!

    Often to be be found in my other laboratory, my kitchen, I love cooking, baking, and inventing recipes.

    Music! I listen to all types of music. I play guitar and cuica, and love making music.

    Chicago is a fascinating place; I love exploring the cultural, architectural, musical and gastronomic riches of the city.

    Crosswords bring me life.

Email: nbrauser@uchicago.edu
Office: Hinds 489